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DeepMind Technologies Ltd. operates as an artificial intelligence company. They build general-purpose algorithms for use in simulations, e-commerce applications, and games. DeepMind markets its products and services internationally. DeepMind is the world leader in artificial intelligence research and its application for positive impact. They re on a scientific mission to push the boundaries of AI, developing programs that can learn to solve any complex problem without needing to be taught how. They believe this will be one of the most important and widely beneficial scientific advances ever made, increasing their capacity to understand the mysteries of the universe and to tackle some of their most pressing real-world challenges. From climate change to the need for radically improved healthcare, too many problems suffer from painfully slow progress, their complexity overwhelming their ability to find solutions. With AI as a multiplier for human ingenuity, those solutions will come into reach.

Company Brief

HQ location:London
Founded year:2010
Employees:501 - 1000


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