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Tech and retail giants: Everyone wants a piece of the healthcare pie

2022 was another big year for healthcare, with Big Tech and retail giants making significant inroads into the industry. Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft vied for a share in the space, each aiming to use their tech stack and expertise to disrupt different segments. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google competed for control in the healthcare cloud market, Apple’s Watch and Google's Fitbit stepped up their wearable tech for medical use, Alphabet focused on its AI expertise to drive precision medicine, and Amazon was positioned to upend primary care.
But it wasn’t just the Big Tech players that made significant moves in 2022; retail giants CVS and Walgreens also made waves in healthcare, with major acquisitions. CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon doubled down on their primary care and omnichannel care delivery in a bid to expand access and secure shares in the already crowded market.
This Insight dives into the key themes and market moves made by both Big Tech and retail giants in healthcare in 2022. It also takes a deeper look at what the individual companies are doing.

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