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DevOps Toolchain

DevOps Toolchain

DevOps: Collaboration for speed

Gone are the days when software development and operations teams worked independently of one another. While DevOps practices use aspects of Agile and other methodologies that have shaped software development for years, to meet the need for speed in software development, DevOps brings a seismic shift, stressing the importance of collaboration between development and operations teams. The integration of AI/ML technologies provides a further boost in this search for speed. However, DevOps is not devoid of risks such as security concerns in cloud infrastructure, implementation and scalability issues, and the lack of interoperability standards. Nonetheless, the desire to accelerate development life cycles and the significant potential cost savings and benefits on offer (when implemented correctly) make DevOps an avenue worth exploring.
In this Insight, we take a deep dive into the DevOps framework, why it is attractive, why it is different from its predecessors, the startup and incumbent landscape, funding, and risks.

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