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Next-gen Displays

Next-gen Displays

Next-gen displays: Illuminating new possibilities

Display devices or screens have come a long way since the days of bulky televisions and oversized computer monitors with their tiny, low-resolution screens and grainy picture quality. Technological development over the past few decades, including advances in material science, semiconductors, and nanotechnology, has led to thinner, wider, brighter, and more energy-efficient displays of all shapes and sizes. 
With advances in the internet of things (IoT) and miniaturization, displays have also become much smaller and more portable, leading to them being embedded in everyday objects. Displays are now commonplace in our lives and can be found across various sectors from retail store displays, vehicle infotainment systems, and wearable watches to smart home devices. 
In this Insight, we will take a closer look at these next-gen displays and their many uses, the technologies behind them, what's driving their use, and what the future holds.

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