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Sustainable IT Infrastructure: Saving the planet one byte at a time!

Did you know that the IT industry, which includes everything from our beloved computers to networks to the massive data centers powering our digital lives, contributes more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than the aviation sector? It accounts for 2%–4% annually; additionally, the sector's electricity consumption exceeds 7% globally, projected to reach 13% by 2030.
To address this, sustainable IT infrastructure has become crucial. It involves minimizing environmental harm through the responsible design, production, use, and disposal of computers, chips, and other tech components. The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) estimates that the IT sector alone can help achieve a 20% reduction in global emissions by 2030.
In this Insight, we take a detailed look into how sustainable IT infrastructure can be built, key developments, industry solutions, demand drivers, its future direction, and challenges.

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