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Longevity Tech

Longevity Tech

Longevity tech: The quest to live better for longer

The concept of immortality, or the desire to live longer, has been particularly enthralling to humans for generations. Ancient civilizations have sought to understand the aging process, wanted to prolong life through lifestyle changes, and even hunted for elixirs that sell the idea of “eternal youth.” This quest for longevity has continued through the ages, as we progressively incorporate scientific approaches and apply advanced tools and technologies.
The 21st century saw a significant increase in research activity, making space for the emergence of a commercial “longevity technology (tech)” industry enabled by technological advancements. Recent developments, such as AI and blockchain technologies, are being used across the spectrum of longevity research. Their ability to process large datasets and derive intelligent patterns has astronomically changed the parameters of what is possible within the industry. Previously only accessible to the affluent and privileged, the longevity space now has the potential to reach the general population and disrupt the healthcare sector. 
This Insight takes a deeper look at the longevity tech space, highlighting the industry’s demand drivers, key players, challenges, and key areas of interest for analysts and investors in the foreseeable future. 

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