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Generative AI Applications

Generative AI Applications

OpenAI: Transforming the world through AI

OpenAI is an AI research lab and applied AI company aiming to build artificial general intelligence (AGI) and related AI products and services. It has made notable contributions to the field of AI, particularly through models like GPT. OpenAI's mission revolves around researching and developing generative models while focusing on aligning these models with human values to ensure safe and ethical AI.
  • Founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization with substantial funding from various sources, including Microsoft, OpenAI transitioned to a "capped profit" model in 2019, focusing on commercially licensing its technologies. 
  • OpenAI has developed a range of foundational models, accessible via an API, including GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) models for natural language understanding, multimodal models like GPT-4, image generation models like DALL.E, and programming models like Codex. 
  • OpenAI’s flagship generative AI application is ChatGPT, which is offered on a subscription basis (includes ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise), with features like voice interactions, plug-ins, and strong privacy measures.  
Below, we present a detailed company teardown published by our content partner Sacra (October 2023), which takes a deeper look at OpenAI’s financials, business model, competitive environment, and market opportunities.

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