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Foundation Models

Foundation Models

Cohere: Revolutionizing natural language processing

Cohere is a Canadian company that specializes in developing and deploying foundation models for business applications. It is known for creating LLMs like Cohere Command. Cohere's LLMs can be used to write fluently, answer questions, distill a paragraph to its essence, extract important details from a mass of text, and much more. It also launched a knowledge assistant named “Coral” in a private preview with select customers. 
  • Cohere’s flagship model is Cohere Command, which excels in task-oriented dialogue, summarization, copywriting, dialogue extraction, and question-answering.
  • It also offers Cohere Embed, a model that creates vector embeddings to enhance search, content moderation, and intent recognition, empowering multilingual customizable models, which can be fine-tuned to cater to specific use cases and industries.
  • Cohere prioritizes data security and privacy, offering private cloud deployment options; its Command model is recognized for its high performance according to Stanford University's HELM benchmarks.
Below, we present a detailed company teardown published by our content partner Sacra (October 2023), which takes a deeper look at Cohere’s financials, business model, competitive environment, and market opportunities.

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