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Digital humans: From synthetic to authentic

Dani is an economist, always ready to have a financial discussion and share his expert financial advice with you. Ruth is a cookie coach, who can help you bake the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, customize the recipe, and answer your baking-related questions. Lil Miquela is an influencer with more than three million followers, who has collaborated with high-end fashion brands and was once counted among TIME magazine’s 25 Most Influential People.
Dani, Ruth, and Lil Miquela have one thing in common: they are digital humans. Dani is the digital version of UBS’s Chief Economist Daniel Kalt. On the other hand, Ruth and Lil Miquela are fictional characters created by tech startups Soul Machines and Brud, respectively.
This Insight explores what digital humans are and how they impact enterprises. What’s driving their demand and who are the main market players? What is the outlook for the industry, and what challenges must it overcome?

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