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Military Tech

Military Tech

Shield AI: Autonomous drone tech to empower the warrior pilot

Shield AI is a defense technology company known for creating autonomous drone systems for defense and security purposes. The company focuses on leveraging AI and robotics to develop innovative software solutions and aircraft that can operate autonomously in challenging environments.
  • Co-founded by an ex-Navy SEAL in 2015, Shield AI primarily offers an autonomous software stack that acts as an AI pilot for aircraft. It also develops drone systems powered by its software for military applications.
  • In 2021, the company expanded its product portfolio by strategically acquiring Martin UAV and bolstered its reinforcement learning and AI engineering capabilities with the acquisition of Heron Systems.
  • Shield AI's clientele comprises the organizations of the US military, specifically the US Air Force, the US Army, the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). Additionally, Shield AI also serves the Royal Canadian Navy and Brazil's Armed Forces.
Below, we present a detailed company teardown published by our content partner, Sacra (October 2023), which takes a deeper look at Shield AI’s financials, business model, competitive environment, and market opportunities.

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