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Customer Service Platforms

Customer Service Platforms


The following report was prepared and published by our sister platform SPEEDA— June 2023.

Trend Overview

Chatbots Set for Widescale Automation of the Customer Service Experience

Chatbots are automated software designed to converse and interact with humans in natural language and resolve tasks that would otherwise be carried out by a human service provider. Traditionally, these bots have worked based on pre-programmed responses to structured queries and have more recently developed to service more mature and advanced queries, and can be commonly found on company websites as pop-up windows or interactive assistants such as ‘Siri’ on the Apple iPhone. These chatbots generally comprise of three elements, namely, the user interface, AI (the natural language processing [NLP] and machine learning [ML] layer that contextualises queries), and the system integration (the connection with other business systems to access information).

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