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Top 10 Industries in Focus: GenAI doesn’t take it all

GenAI is seizing the spotlight, and for good reason. ChatGPT's debut in late 2022 threw open the doors of AI to the masses, resulting in an explosion of disruption and creativity. This seems to be a watershed moment in technology, potentially sparking an economic boom on par with the internet or the iPhone.
Yet, the buzz wasn't confined to GenAI. EVs are bigger than they have ever been, riding the wave of accelerated electrification. Space startups took incremental strides toward our multi-planetary ambitions, while the seasoned FinTech industry kept drawing billions in investments.
At SPEEDA Edge, we continuously track emerging industries, and our 2024 edition of the Top 10 Industries in Focus report cuts through the clutter to highlight the industries poised for prominence in the upcoming year, guided by their market potential and investor interest.


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