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Foundation Models

Foundation Models

Hugging Face: Transforming AI model discovery and training

Hugging Face, a French-American firm, offers a cloud-based repository of AI models. It initially ventured into developing chatbot applications before pivoting toward developing a comprehensive platform for machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Foundation models are central to Hugging Face's offerings, constituting an expansive open collection. 
  • Hugging Face offers multilingual models to extend its utility to a global audience further. The models are accessible through the Transformers library, which facilitates model loading and fine-tuning pre-trained models on custom datasets. The library is also accessible via an API.
  • The company also offers a cloud-based platform delivering various NLP and AI services, such as model hosting, inference, and optimization. This allows users to deploy, manage, and scale their NLP models within a cloud setting.
  • Hugging Face's platform serves 10,000 customers across 50,000+ organizations as of February 2024.

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