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Generative AI Infrastructure

Generative AI Infrastructure

Unraveling GenAI Infra: Behind the Scenes with ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Bard

Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT a year ago, “generative AI” (GenAI) is fast becoming a household term. 2023 has seen a sharp uptick in the usage of GenAI-powered solutions; one may even say we are spoiled for choice with the number of options currently available in the market. GenAI is now each person’s personal assistant, helping us with menial and creative tasks, such as answering questions (ChatGPT, Bard), writing (Jasper, Copy.ai), and creating images (DALL.E, Midjourney). GenAI has transcended technical usage, providing something for everyone, much like the emergence of the internet. 
Because of this boom, a slew of firms have quickly jumped into the GenAI market with different use cases and solutions that can be applied across various industries, hoping to make them “firsts.” GenAI is now here to stay as it becomes increasingly embedded into our everyday lives, which is reason enough for companies to use it in their products and services and to augment their business processes. 
In this Insight, we take a look under the hood at what goes into building and maintaining GenAI models, the solutions and services available to firms interested in developing their own models and applications, the reasons for their popularity, what's driving their use, and what the future holds.

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