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Smart Packaging Tech

Smart Packaging Tech

Packaging the future: Unboxing Smart Packaging Tech

Traditionally, when we think of “packaging,” our mind immediately goes to blank cardboard boxes that merely protect products; however, today, packaging has taken on an entirely new meaning. Incorporating various technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), bioplastics, and computer vision has revolutionized the traditional packaging landscape, making it a key element in branding and customer experience. The Smart Packaging Tech industry now offers services that encompass product tracking to improve security and prevent loss, promote sustainable practices with reusable materials, monitor freshness, and extend shelf life.
Surveys done on consumers in the UK show that nearly two-thirds of respondents are looking for new technologies in packaging, while nearly all Gen-Zers prioritize “sustainability” factors when shopping online. This shift toward minimalism and efficiency in packaging design reflects changing consumer preferences and the drive for cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. As a result, new technologies have developed across the packaging supply chain, and large players such as TriVision, Avery Dennison, and Identiv are providing indicators, sensors, and other monitoring devices to support smart packaging. Notably, startups like Boox and Packoorang are also focusing on recyclability, reducing environmental impact with biodegradable or recyclable options. 
In this Insight, we focus on Smart Packaging Technology and its many use cases, examining the trends driving demand and the industry’s key players, challenges, and future outlook.

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