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EDGE Insights

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Generative AI Infrastructure

Generative AI Infrastructure

CoreWeave: Powering the AI revolution with cutting-edge GPU cloud solutions

CoreWeave is a specialized cloud provider that offers a range of products such as GPU clouds, clusters, servers, and workstations designed to accelerate deep learning and AI processes. It delivers GPU-accelerated compute resources on demand using NVIDIA GPUs, catering to various industries with high-performance computing solutions.
  • CoreWeave's virtual servers are built on top of Kubernetes and offer a range of features tailored to enhance artist workflows and productivity. These virtual servers provide dedicated GPUs through PCI pass-through without shared resources. 
  • Users can choose from a range of NVIDIA GPUs, while Linux and Windows environments are supported. The company offers blockchain and Web3 infrastructure services, providing data and digital identity solutions. 
  • The company served over 1,000 enterprises across four industry verticals (machine learning and AI, batch processing, pixel streaming, and visual effects and rendering) as of April 2023.

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