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Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

Guarding the gates: The impact of identity and access management

Traditionally, enterprise applications and data sit behind an on-premise firewall, with employees logging in locally to directly access the resources they require. As the modern workplace grows more complex with the adoption of cloud computing tech and the growth of remote work, it has become difficult for organizations to ensure their employees have easy and secure access to necessary resources. Additionally, this process can be further complicated when external parties such as vendors, customers, and partners need to be given access to those resources. 
Data breaches and cyberattacks have become a growing concern over the years and various solutions have emerged across the enterprise IT sector. However, one layer of preventive security—identity and access management (IAM)—has been growing in popularity, helping users avoid cyber incidents and streamline processes like employee onboarding and granting access to enterprise IT resources. 
This Insight provides an in-depth look at IAM platforms, covering what they are, the industry landscape, demand drivers, challenges to growth, and the industry outlook.

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