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Brain-computer Interfaces

Brain-computer Interfaces

Neurostimulation: Sparking healing

Medications and surgeries failed Jerry, a retired emergency room physician, who suffered excruciating pain in his back and right hip. Then, a spinal cord stimulation (SCS) device resulted in an 80%–85% pain reduction. In Paul’s case, battling 30 years of epilepsy, heavy medication and multiple treatments left him with a poor quality of life. Finally, responsive cortical stimulation (RNS) resulted in a dramatic drop in his seizures.
SCS and RNS are just two of several neurostimulation treatments available today. Recent years have witnessed great strides in the field, with R&D yielding safer and more effective treatments.
This Insight examines what neurostimulation is, factors driving its adoption, and challenges faced. It also identifies incumbents and startups in this space.

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