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Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

Brain health supplements: Keep a balanced mind

“Eat your vegetables. It’s brain food.” Parents often use the term “brain food” to encourage healthy eating habits in their children. Rightly so; good nutrition is essential for brain function, memory, and concentration. 
However, the focus on cognitive health shouldn’t stop at childhood. Brain health should be “top of mind” for adults as well, especially if they engage in activities that require improved focus, clarity, and memory recall. Prioritizing this can also reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease. Although a healthy diet and lifestyle are central to brain health, there is a growing belief that certain dietary supplements can also support brain health—not only in older adults, people on restricted diets, and those with certain medical conditions but also in healthy, younger individuals.
However, brain health supplements have also been the subject of sharp criticism, with claims that they do not deliver the promised results, have negative side effects, or may be at risk of abuse.
This Insight examines what brain health supplements are, the factors driving their adoption, and the challenges they face. It also identifies incumbents and startups in the space.

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