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Digital Privacy Tools

A Billion Dollar Amazon Delivery

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A record-breaking fine

Amazon’s Q2 2021 revenue figure of USD 113.1 billion (up 27.2% YoY) represented its second-largest ever quarter. That still wasn’t good enough for Wall Street. Despite the 12-figure haul, its June 29 earnings report also revealed a hefty fine of around USD 887 million (EUR 746 million) imposed by the Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) over alleged non-compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
The penalty stems from a 2018 initial complaint from French privacy rights group La Quadrature du Net who filed the complaint on behalf of over 10,000 customers. The complaint also targeted other tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft (though actions against these firms have yet to materialize). For Amazon, the group claimed that the ecommerce giant’s targeted ad system is not based on user consent and is manipulative in nature. In addition to the fine, the CNPD has also ruled that Amazon will need to change its business practices to comply with privacy regulations. Amazon claims that the CNPD’s decision is without merit and it intends to appeal and defend itself “vigorously” against the allegations.

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