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Unlocking Apple’s “walled garden” innovation portfolio

For over 45 years, Apple has been synonymous with innovation in the technology industry. The company was a pioneer in the computing space, introducing the Apple II in 1977, considered by many as one of the first personal computers to come to market. The Apple II was also a trendsetter in demonstrating the importance of a “killer app” that could drive consumer demand; in this case, VisiCalc was a spreadsheet application that was available only on the Apple II and was revolutionary for small businesses.
Since then, Apple has remained a pioneer in consumer electronics, with notable releases such as the iMac, iPod, and iPhone in 2007. Since the launch of the iPhone, the company has pivoted toward growing the services offered to Apple customers, creating recurring revenue streams, and creating a “walled garden” ecosystem. Considering that over 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold since 2007, this ecosystem is one of the most valuable consumer bases in today’s market.
Apple’s focus on a strong customer experience is a legacy of the late Steve Jobs. His laser focus on ensuring the highest-quality customer experience was legendary and has remained ingrained in the culture of the company to date. Apple often prefers to wait for technology to be established before adopting it and refining it further. In this Insight, we take a close look at what this computing powerhouse is up to across various emerging industries covered by SPEEDA Edge.

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