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Postscript teardown: SMS marketing platform purpose-built for Shopify retailers

Postscript is an SMS marketing platform specially designed for ecommerce brands that retail on Shopify—a multichannel ecommerce platform. Postscript’s platform allows brands to manage and launch personalized SMS campaigns and automate workflows for customer notifications, such as abandoned carts, shipping notifications, and cross-selling opportunities. It also helps users connect to Shopify data to segment customers and create personalized customer experiences as well as connect with customers with 1:1 text messaging. Our content partner Sacra’s company teardown (July 2022) takes a deeper look at Postscript’s financials, business model, competitive environment, and market opportunities.

Key takeaways: 

  • Postscript’s annual recurring revenue was estimated at USD 35.8 million in 2022, while its customer base grew more than 200% YoY to 8,500+ brands by June 2022 (vs. 400% YoY since its launch in 2019).   
  • Postscript’s competitive edge in the SMS marketing space lies in its specialization in solutions for ecommerce retailers on Shopify, where it is a member of the Shopify Plus Certified App Program. 
  • Additionally, the firm's pricing model is based on the volume of SMS marketing messages sent per month compared with competitors such as Cartloop, which charge clients based on the revenue generated through SMS marketing, making for a more affordable solution.  
  • As a result, Postscript installations on Shopify have increased by 26.5% YoY, while its click-through rate ranges from 7.5% to 40%, compared to the average email engagement rate of 2%.  
  • The special features of Postscript’s platform include pop-ups with an include/exclude option for certain pages and QR codes that can be exported as a scalable SVG file. Postscript launched several new features last year, including campaign flows, browse abandonment, and cart abandonment.
  • However, while being amongst the first startups to introduce two-way conversational SMS solutions, Postscript users report that it is comparatively limited in terms of its features—it does not have pre-built campaigns or a drip campaign builder. In addition, SMS marketing is a highly regulated industry, adding to the difficulties Postscript faces in growing its business. 
  • Nevertheless, the firm plans to leverage its partnership with Shopify and deepen its integrations into other Shopify plugins, expanding into new markets and diversifying income streams.

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