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EDGE100: The rising startups at the forefront of innovation

At SPEEDA Edge, we’re in a constant pursuit to unpack emerging industries and the technologies that drive them—be it companies gearing up to build the next space station or startups leveraging generative AI to personalize websites. We scout and follow the movers and shakers across 70+ industries, aiming to equip innovators to discover best-fit startups before they reach product maturity and develop future-ready innovation strategies. 
Emerging industry dynamics are tricky and were even more so in 2022. Rising interest rates, downward-spiraling public markets, and economic uncertainty made capital hard to find as the year progressed, with funding nearly halving from a record high in 2021. Companies big and small started rationalizing costs and laying off staff, while the crypto and NFT hype of 2021 was cooled off by the crypto winter.
In this second edition of EDGE100, we unveil the 2023 cohort of the most promising early-stage startups across various emerging industries that are driving resilient innovation to reshape the future. These are startups that may not have fully proven themselves yet but are brimming with potential. They have been hand-picked by our analysts from our active coverage of 6,700+ startups, which are primarily across North America and Europe, and are typically companies that are strengthening their user bases, generating early revenue, and are on track to becoming the growth companies of tomorrow.

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