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Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness

Calm: Finding success through meditation, sleep, and mindfulness

Calm is a digital wellness company that offers guided meditation and programs for mindfulness and sleep through a smartphone app. 
  • Calm’s core offering is a digital library of meditation and mindfulness content and sleep programs. The company also offers fitness content under its “Daily Move” program and mental health content under its “Calm Health” offering.
  • The company offers its services on both a D2C and B2B service and, as of December 2022, partnered with over 20 brands to provide services through sales partnerships. 
  • As of May 2022, according to Sacra, Calm was considered the number one health and fitness app by consumer spend globally.   
Below, we present a detailed company teardown published by our content partner Sacra (May 2022), which takes a deeper look at Calm’s financials, competitive environment, and market opportunities.

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