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Bio-based Materials

Bio-based Materials


Trend Overview

Bioplastics Offer Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Plastics

Bioplastic is a biodegradable material derived from renewable sources that can be used to decrease the issue of plastic waste that is polluting the environment. Over the past 70 years, plastics have found their way into multiple applications from building materials and packaging to toys. Plastics, despite being versatile and durable, have contributed significantly to the rise of environmental pollution. Plastics are usually non-biodegradable, harm marine and other wildlife, spread toxins to soil and air and involves green-house gas emissions in most stages of its lifecycle. In addition, according to the Centre for International Environmental Law, over 99% of the plastic produced use chemicals sourced from fossil. Therefore, bioplastics have emerged in recent times as an alternative to fossil-based plastics with a focus on better bio-degradability.

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