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Food Preservation Technology

Packaging, Sterilisation, and Freezing Technologies for Food Continues to Evolve, Growing Focus on Reducing Food Waste in Recent Years

This report focuses on the preservation of fresh food, including packaging, sterilisation, and freezing technologies. These technologies are crucial in maintaining ingredient freshness and preserving the characteristics and quality of food products throughout the entire production process. This encompasses pre-processing and processing stages (e.g. preparation and cooking), as well as post-processing stages (e.g. distribution and marketing). While many food preservation technologies have been in use for a considerable period, some are still in the developmental phase.
Technologies that were put to practical use in the 2010s and had a significant impact include modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), a packaging technology that can extend the shelf life of food by replacing air with an inert gas mixture, and “Proton freezing”, a flash-freezing technique that ensures uniform ice crystals preventing the destruction of cell tissues.

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