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Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Tools

Photoroom: Empowering visual creativity with AI-driven photo editing solutions

PhotoRoom is a Paris-based company that provides AI-based photo editing software tailored to a wide range of users, including jewelry makers, fashion resellers, and restaurant owners. The application empowers users to enhance product photos, generate AI images, and improve photo resolution using generative AI tools. Its focus is helping sellers and businesses create studio-quality images with ease. 
  • Its platform is supported by an API and a web interface, making the tools accessible across different platforms. 
  • The company is also focusing on training its own AI models for image generation to provide features like AI-generated backgrounds, scene expansions, and other image-editing tools.
  • PhotoRoom's technology is designed to cater to small businesses and entrepreneurs and claims to process 5 billion images annually and over 150 million app downloads. 

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