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Fabric, (formerly known as CommonSense Robotics), is a provider of on-demand micro-fulfillment solutions. The company was founded in 2015 in Israel by Shay Cohen, Elram Goren, and Ori Avraham—all who were former high-ranking officers in the Israel Defense Forces, Intelligence Technology unit. Fabric’s micro-fulfillment centers use autonomous mobile robots that operate around the center floor to collect and deliver items for packaging and allows retailers to provide a one-hour delivery service to their online customers. Although the company started off as a robotics venture, it does not offer individual robots. Instead, the primary product is an integrated turnkey solution for online grocers. Fabric owns and operates each turnkey facility, from which it offers fulfillment on a pay-per-order basis. This strategy sets Fabric apart from the competition as they are marketing to small online retailers, while most in the industry target larger retailers only.

Fabric is known for having built the smallest micro-fulfillment center (6,000 sq ft), based entirely on its own in-house technology. The company is in the process of building 14 sites in the US including a 10,000 sq ft facility in the Washington DC Metro area. In July 2020, The company entered into a partnership with FreshDirect (online grocer) to use the facility once it is up and running. In July 2021, Fabric partnered with Instacart, a provider of grocery delivery and pick-up services, to jointly offer automated order fulfillment services to grocery retailers in North America. Fabric is also one of the three robotic companies Walmart partnered with in January 2021, to develop more than 100 micro-fulfillment centers in future. Fabric’s latest funding round of Series C USD 200 million in October 2021 was announced to be used to expand its headcount and to build a network of micro-fulfillment centers across major cities in the US.

Retail Industry Robots

Retail Industry Robots

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2 Bn
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26 Bn
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HQ location:99 Wall Street Suite 3050 New York NY USA
Founded year:2015
Total Funding:USD 336.0 million
Last Funding:USD 200.0 million, Oct 2021



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