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Large-molecule Therapeutics

Targeting complex diseases with complex molecules


Large-molecule therapeutics are drugs that are composed of complex molecules, typically consisting of proteins, peptides, antibodies, or nucleic acids. These are often larger and more structurally complex than small-molecule drugs.

These therapeutics are designed to target specific biological pathways, receptors, or cells and can be used to treat a range of diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and genetic disorders. Large-molecule therapeutics are typically administered by injection or infusion and can have a longer half-life in the body than small-molecule drugs.

The production and manufacturing of large-molecule therapeutics can be more complex and challenging than small-molecule drugs due to their larger size, increased complexity, and potential for immunogenicity. However, advances in biotechnology and protein engineering have led to the development of new technologies and platforms that have made large-molecule therapeutics an important and growing class of drugs in modern medicine.

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