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Healthcare & Pharma top picks: AI and personalization fuel new era of health innovation

In the past two editions, the framework has identified the most promising startups in emerging industries, equipping innovators with the knowledge to identify the best companies before they reach product maturity.
For the 2024 cohort, we focus on identifying the top 20 startups in specific industries. The following is an excerpt of one report from a series of sector-specific reports covering Top Picks for 2024. It focuses on the Health & Pharma industry, exploring industries like Age Tech, AI Drug Discovery, Cell & Gene Therapy, Clinical Trial Technology, Fertility Tech, Human Gene Editing, Longevity Tech, Mental Health Tech, Precision Medicine, Preventive Healthcare, and Telehealth.

Key takeaways

  • Drugs discovered by AI are nearing commercialization, as candidates advance through the clinical pipeline. Most notably, Insilico Medicine successfully moved its lead drug candidate into Phase II clinical trials, making it the first AI-discovered drug to reach this stage of human clinical trials. Meanwhile, Exscientia also advanced two of its four drug candidates into Phase I/II clinical trials.
  • Healthcare & Pharma startups are increasingly focused on offering tailored therapeutics using novel methods such as nanopore sequencing (Oxford Nanopore) and analyzing data from wearable devices (Movano Health) and patient healthcare records (Atropos Health) to gather individual-level insights into patients. This approach enables them to develop personalized health plans and therapeutics to better treat patients.
  • Gene treatments hold immense potential in the healthcare space, with companies such as CRISPR Therapeutics pioneering human gene editing techniques and showing promise for treating genetic disorders by accurately altering problematic genes. Meanwhile, Autolus is leading the charge in cell and gene therapy, leveraging advanced cell programming technologies to develop cutting-edge treatments that harness the body's immune system to combat diseases like cancer.

SPEEDA Edge top picks for 2024

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