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EDGE Insights

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XR and MEP (Q1 2024): An Apple-backed XR spatial computing surge; Disney’s USD 1.5 billion fuels Fortnite expansion

Key takeaways

  • Product updates
    • CES heralded multiple XR device announcements: The XR industry  recorded 15 device announcements in light of CES 2024, notably Sony’s spatial content creation system and the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen2 chip, offering improved spatial computing experiences for devices. The Apple Vision Pro launch saw over 1,000 apps being created for it, with non-entertainment use cases focusing on surgical visualization. Other players in the space recorded 34 software updates, focused on quality-of-life improvements for headsets and AR virtual try-on features. 
    • MEPs focused on improving digital avatars: The MEP industry recorded 21 product updates, including two GenAI updates focused on streamlining virtual asset creation.

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