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Energy & Climate Change top picks: Hydrogen and long-term battery storage show potential

In the past two editions, the framework has identified the most promising startups in emerging industries, equipping innovators with the knowledge to identify the best companies before they reach product maturity.
For the 2024 cohort, we focus on identifying the top 20 startups in specific industries. The following is an excerpt of one report from a series of sector-specific reports covering Top Picks for 2024. It focuses on the Energy & Climate Change, exploring industries like Alternative Energy, Carbon Management Software, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage, Climate Risk Analytics, Conservation Tech, and Hydrogen Economy.

Key takeaways

  • Hydrogen showed immense clean energy potential,as startups like Bramble Energy and Elcogen pioneered advanced fuel and electrolyzer cells. Meanwhile, ZeroAvia is taking on the skies, aiming to shake up aviation with hydrogen-powered powertrains and propulsion systems.
  • Battery storage advancements set to address reliability concerns surrounding renewable energy. Enhancements in battery storage capacity and efficiency enable smoother integration of intermittent renewable sources like solar and wind into the grid, ensuring a more reliable and consistent power supply. Form Energy’s iron-air batteries provide an impressive 100 hours of electricity storage capacity, a significant leap compared with conventional lithium-ion batteries, which typically offer only 5–10 hours of storage.
  • Startups played a critical role in addressing climate change by developing carbon capture and monitoring technologies, attracting significant investment for their potential to help industries comply with stricter regulations and reduce carbon footprints. From Svante's nano-engineered filters that rapidly capture CO2 in industrial settings to Hydrosat’s and Zesty.ai's AI-powered solutions for analyzing supply chains, real estate, and operations, these startups provide cutting-edge tools to help businesses mitigate and build resilience against the effects of climate change.

SPEEDA Edge top picks for 2024

SPEEDA Edge top picks for 2024
Source: SPEEDA Edge

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