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Alternative Energy

Moving industry forward with next-generation advancements in energy storage and transmission.


The science is settled. Human activities that emit greenhouse gasses (GHG) are warming the planet and causing devastating climate change. Current GHG emissions levels must be halved by 2030 and net-zero GHG emissions must be reached by 2050 to contain global warming at a sub-catastrophic level. As fossil fuel-based energy production is a leading cause of GHG emissions, clean energy technologies play a vital role in a sustainable future for the planet.

The cost of solar and wind energy has fallen considerably over the past decade and no longer yields a significant cost disadvantage compared to fossil fuels. Next-generation renewable technologies such as waste-to-energy, sustainable fuels, fusion energy, geothermal, wave, and tidal, etc. are still at a nascent stage but can be expected to follow similar declining cost principles as they scale. Next-generation advancements in energy storage, and energy optimization and management are also vital in matching the intermittent supply of renewable energy with inflexible demand.

What's driving this industry?

Industry Updates

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Market Sizing

The US market for the Alternative Energy industry could reach USD 12.1-15.9 billion by 2026

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Expansion case

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Market Mapping

Energy storage startups dominate the industry

The Alternative Energy industry is dominated by Stationary Energy Storage Startups. They have also received the most amount of funding. Majority of the pre-seed and seed stages startups are from the Third-generation Renewables segment. Most of the early and growth stage startups are from Stationary Energy Storage and Energy Optimization and Management Software segments.


The Disruptors

Funding History


Oil and gas majors moving toward next-gen alternative energy

Oil and gas and other fossil fuel energy companies are increasingly adopting alternative energy to meet their sustainability commitments. While these initiatives are still mostly conventional renewable energy generation projects such as solar and wind, some companies, especially oil and gas supermajors, are also gradually exploring next-generation alternative energy solutions such as bioenergy and sustainable fuels. 

The Energy optimization and management software segment is also home to a considerable amount of incumbent companies. Top smart meter companies such as Landis+Gyr and Itron complement their smart metering solutions with legacy energy optimization and management software. Diversified technology companies like General Electric and Cisco also provide similar solutions globally.  

Notable Investors

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