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Biologically protecting plants from pests


Biopesticides refer to naturally occurring substances (minerals or pheromones produced by animals) or living organisms (plant extracts or microbes) that can be used to protect plants or to grow them. Biopesticides are developed from both natural processes (including a biochemical process) and plant-incorporated genetic manipulation processes. These processes often use AI and machine learning-based technology platforms to formulate particular biopesticides.

By purpose, biopesticides can be either bio-fungicide (prevents fungal growth), bio-herbicide (prevents the growth of herbs), or bio-insecticide (protects against insects). These biopesticides have become an important component of integrated pest management (IPM) programs and are also being used in conjunction with chemical pesticides. 

Development in biotechnology facilitates the evolution of this industry. Bans on chemical pesticides and growing concern regarding residue levels in food products alongside increasing demand for organic produce amidst a growing population fuel the growth of biopesticides as a whole. 

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