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Transportation & Logistics top picks: Electrification and autonomy drive transportation innovation

In the past two editions, the framework has identified the most promising startups in emerging industries, equipping innovators with the knowledge to identify the best companies before they reach product maturity.
For the 2024 cohort, we focus on identifying the top 20 startups in specific industries. The following is an excerpt of one report from a series of sector-specific reports covering Top Picks for 2024. It focuses on the Transportation & Logistics, exploring industries like Auto Tech, EV Economy, Last-mile Delivery Automation, Logistics Tech, Passenger eVTOL Aircraft, Smart Mobility Information, and Supply Chain Tech.

Key takeaways

  • Electrification and autonomous technologies emerge as a common theme, reshaping many industries from Auto Tech and Last-mile Delivery Automation to the booming EV Economy. Companies are embracing these technologies to innovate and stay ahead of competition. For instance, Oxa is disrupting Auto Tech with modular and customizable autonomous vehicle software tailored for controlled environments, while Nuro is leading the charge with electric autonomous delivery vehicles. Similarly, Einride has pioneered electric and autonomous commercial trucks.
  • Global supply chains have never been more vulnerable, makingsupply chain and logistics technologies a critical part of any organization’s toolkit. Innovation in this space has largely been about strengthening their ability to provide real-time insights, visibility, and verification across supply chains, with startups like Tive and TrusTrace leveraging IoT, AI, and blockchains to do so.
  • Passenger eVTOLs propel toward commercialization, as startups such as Lilium and Archer Aviation make significant progress over the past year, securing crucial approvals from regulatory bodies like the FAA and successfully completing pilot runs.

SPEEDA Edge top picks for 2024

T&L Top Picks 2024
Source: SPEEDA Edge

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