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Smell Tech

Unlocking the potential of olfaction through technology


Smell Tech, also known as olfactory technology or digital scent technology, is an emerging field that aims to measure, replicate, enhance, and manipulate the human sense of smell using electronic devices. While smells or scents have been a tool used by retailers, manufacturers, and marketers for decades to encourage certain customer behaviors (to their advantage), until recently, businesses lacked dedicated tools that enabled them to measure, analyze, and detect scents, despite the benefits they provided. Unlike light or sound, odors present much more complex problems of detection due to how they interact with humans and therefore require more robust tools, which has led to the creation of two branches of digital olfaction technology: one focused on detection, measurement, and identification and the other on the transfer and creation of scents.

With the use cases of Smell Tech spanning multiple industries such as health, food and agriculture, defense and security, retail, hospitality, and entertainment, the applications of Smell Tech are clearer than ever. From predictive insights and disease detection to immersive experience creation, customer engagement, and much more, it is becoming a rapidly evolving field. As technology advances, it is likely that we will see more widespread use of Smell Tech in many more fields.

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