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Promises increased productivity, cost-efficiency, and competitiveness in the legal industry


LegalTech, sometimes referred to as LawTech, is the application of technology and software to support the legal industry and provide legal services. It seeks to simplify, optimize, and automate various legal processes and operations. Some of the activities it supports include law practice management, contract management, document management, electronic discovery (e-discovery), and various legal needs of families.

Users of LegalTech can be broadly categorized as law firms and individual attorneys (B2B), small and medium-sized businesses and in-house legal departments of larger enterprises (B2B), alternative legal service providers (ALSPs; B2B), and individuals and families (B2C). B2B tools support those entities with their legal workflow, while B2C tools include commoditized legal solutions that assist individuals and families with interpreting the law and accessing the justice system (B2C tools are also referred to as DIY and retail law tools). LegalTech tools can also be distinguished based on whether they support specific legal tasks, provide supporting processes, or form a technological infrastructure for legal workflows.

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