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Crop Biotech

Enhancing seed and crop traits via biotechnology


Crop biotech involves next-generation developments in crop production, such as transgenesis (genetically modifying seeds), genome editing and silencing techniques (including CRISPR, TALENs, and ZFNs), synthetic biology methods, and selective breeding approaches to improve seed and crop traits. The industry also looks at the biological treatments offered to enhance seed performance—for instance by increasing disease resistance—improve quality, and, in turn, increase crop yield. These methods promise to improve crop productivity in a more sustainable and faster manner than traditional breeding techniques. 

Developments in molecular biology and genetic engineering propel this industry’s evolution. Shrinking agricultural land, alongside population growth and rising demand for sustainably produced and chemical-free food, are fuelling crop biotech’s growth. 

Note: Additional sections (such as market sizing, detailed overview, and incumbents) can be provided on request.

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