Shipping Tech

Using autonomous, green, IoT, and digital technologies to shape the future of ocean-based transportation


Ocean shipping is a critical mode of transport for global trade, accounting for roughly 90% of traded goods. Shipping tech refers to the use of next-generation technologies and tools such as autonomous tech, green tech, IoT, and digital technologies for ocean-based cargo and passenger transportation. These tools’ overall focus is making shipping more environmentally sustainable and efficient.

While decarbonizing the shipping industry poses risks and challenges, the potential benefits for environmental and economic sustainability are significant. Shipowners are actively seeking innovative and eco-friendly technologies to meet new environmental requirements as the volume of global logistics traffic continues to rise. Key areas of such innovations include green ships that use renewable energy sources, the use of autonomous ships for safety and cost efficiency, the development of smart ports and terminals, the digitalization of shipping operations, and the use of data analytics to optimize shipping routes and decision-making.

Note: Additional sections (market sizing, incumbents, etc.) can be provided on request.

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