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Satellite Management

Technology providers that enhance satellite operations


Satellite management and associated services represent an integral part of the satellite economy provided by third-party operators. These include satellite launch and management services; miniature satellite and component development; and the provision of satellite-based intelligence, mapping, data analytics, and imagery—all provided via ground-based operations. Once the domain of governments and multi-billion-dollar corporations, the satellite industry has grown massively in the past decade due to advancements in technology, enabling cheaper launches, smaller satellites, and better software platforms, leading the way for private firms to enter the sector. This was further supported by the signing of the US Commercial Space Launch Act of 2015 to facilitate growth in the commercial space industry, encouraging private investments and the deployment of major constellations of satellites. This has led to a significant rise in active satellites since 2015, allowing third-party satellite service facilitators to step in.

A key factor for creating such companies is large capital costs, which can be too high for one entity to bear, making outsourcing services the more feasible option. As of 2022, there are ~4,852 active satellites orbiting Earth, with ~17,000 more launches scheduled before 2030, indicating the further growth of the industry.

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