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The State of GenAI Adoption: A cross-industry exploration with a spotlight on startups

The past few years have been prolific for generative AI (GenAI)—characterized by the explosion and commercialization of massive models, the meteoric rise of conversational tech like ChatGPT, and overall growth in the tech stack, from GenAI Applications to GenAI Infrastructure. In turn, enterprises of all stripes have scrambled aboard the GenAI bandwagon, exploring adoption with a view to disrupting internal processes, driving product innovation, and reshaping their industries. 
This Insight takes a holistic look at the current state of GenAI adoption in the enterprise. First, we explore the uptake of GenAI through the lens of major cross-industry global and US surveys (covering a broad sample of enterprises), identifying major push-pull factors and highlighting alliances with the potential to drive adoption. Next, we provide insights from a proprietary in-house study focused on GenAI adoption in emerging industries, drawing upon SPEEDA Edge’s coverage of 150+ emerging industries (~15,000 startups) and focusing on six major verticals: 1) healthcare and pharmaceuticals, 2) financial services, 3) manufacturing and retail, 4) transport and logistics, 5) food and agriculture, and 6) energy and climate change.

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