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Workflow Automation Platforms

Automation to improve business efficiency


Workflow automation involves two key components: 1) automating repetitive tasks, such as extracting, recording, and processing data, and 2) automating subsequent business processes, such as client onboarding and communications. Although the term robotic process automation (RPA) is often used interchangeably with workflow automation, it mainly covers the first part of the process where bots are built to replicate rules-based tasks (task bots), capture visual data (meta bots), and process semi-structured or unstructured data using cognitive capabilities (IQ bots).

Workflow automation solutions typically take things a step further by automating the remaining steps of a given workflow once the repetitive task is completed. This results in the automation of entire business processes rather than individual tasks, helping businesses save costs and become more efficient.

Overall, workflow automation tools typically cater to non-technical developers (no-code or low-code platforms), allowing organizations to take advantage of them with minimal IT staff. These platforms can be used in several business functions, including HR, finance, sales and marketing, and operations. It is also common for the platforms to work across functions when automating business processes that interlink multiple functions (e.g., once employees fill forms with their information, they can be routed to the IT process of setting up equipment).

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Market Mapping

Workflow automation platforms often offer B2B solutions that target certain business functions, including finance, operations, and HR. Accordingly, the platforms have been segmented based on these business functions. In addition, there are players offering workflow automation solutions that do not target specific business functions, and these have been clustered under the general workflow automation platforms segment.


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