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Shared Mobility

Riding together toward a sustainable future


Shared mobility represents technological developments that have led to the shared use of transportation modes such as cars, vans, and bikes by individuals or groups for various purposes, primarily on an on-demand basis. Shared mobility services include transportation services, such as car-sharing, ridesharing, ride-hailing, and micro-mobility services such as bike-sharing and scooter-sharing. The industry also includes startups that provide shared public transit in the form of bus-sharing services, as well as those that provide micro-transit services in the form of shuttle services. These players primarily use technology, such as smartphone apps, GPS, telematics, and connectivity to operate their platforms.

There is a growing need to use transport resources efficiently and reduce single-occupancy vehicles to reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions, and other environmental impacts. Shared mobility services provide cost-savings and greater convenience alongside environmental sustainability compared to traditional transportation methods, and are driven by technological advancements and government policies promoting their use.

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