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No-code Software

Now anyone can become a software developer.


No-code development platforms (NCDPs) aim to give power to individuals to realize their software ideas, regardless of technical skill and know-how. To do that, these platforms use familiar functions such as drag-and-drop, filters, data queries, widgets, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to create software without the need to write a single line of code. NCDPs have so far disrupted business applications, mobile applications, and websites.

What's driving this industry?

Industry Updates

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Market Sizing

No Code Development Platform market could range between USD 4.2-7.8 billion by 2026

Conservative case

USD 0.0 Bn

Base case

USD 0.0 Bn

Expansion case

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Market Mapping

The NDCP industry is dominated by workflow automation, business application and web application and e-commerce segments, attracting most funding with more startups being in early and growth stages. Notably, the workflow automation and business application segments had slightly higher composition of early and growth stage startups compared to the web application and e-commerce segment.


The Disruptors

Funding History


Tech giants play catch-up with emerging no-code concept

Big tech companies and cloud platforms are still new to NDCPs. For big tech companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, NDCPs (commonly based on the platform-as-a-service business model, or PaaS) are a potential revenue line. Big tech’s current legacy developer platforms have not yet gained the kind of traction that disruptors have.

Notable Investors

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